Getting Started

This page will help you get started with API. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Get your API token

Each request you send to our API should contain API token for authentication. This section will describe how to get API token and how to send it.

At this moment you can generate only one API token per account, every new generation will disable previous API tokens.

Please include this API token in every request to API in Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer <YOUR API TOKEN>

Make sure to keep your API token secret.


We use credits-based system for paid services. For example, cost of generation of AI art depends on amount of images, generation publicity, and whether the HD mode is enabled or not. Credits prices are available here.

You will be able to make special estimation request with the same parameters to get the price of generation in credits in advance. Generation or processing endpoints will also include amount of spent credits in their responses.

Each response from API contains X-Credits-Remaining header that contains remaining amount of credits on your account.

Rate limits

Our API has rate limits to prevent excessive load on our servers and to improve stability. By default the limit is at 300 requests per 5 minutes. In case your requests will exceed the limit, you will receive 429 error.

If you face this error and you want an exemption, please contact us.


You can get information about error codes and error response format in API reference.


If you want custom or extended integration contact us at [email protected]

Consider subscribing to our Twitter account and Reddit community to stay updated.


You can download OpenAPI specification for automated code generation here.